Report from Cancun

March 12, 13 y 14

1.- Organizational Knowledge Patterns — Foundation and Application Examples. Dr. Kurt Sandkuhl / University of Rostock, Germany. Paper at Art_1.1 and the   Presentation at keynote-ORADM-Sandkuhl

2.- Context Modelling for Decisión Making in Competente Supply: Experience from a Military Case. Kurt Sandkuhl, Ulf Seigerroth / University of Rostock, Germany. Presentation at Context Modelling for Decision making- Experiences from a military case

3.- Modular Semantic CEP for Threat Detection New Semantics for Hybrid Probabilistic Programs. Kart Hammar / Sweeden. Presentation at Karl Hammar ORADM 2012

4.-Validation of Context-based Ontology Matching. Kurt Sandkuhl / Germany. Presentation at Lin-Sandkuhl_ORADM-COMS-V2

5.- The Program Complex Automation of the initial Stages of Software Engineering. Alla Zaboleeva. Russia. Presentation at Art_2.4

6.- Context-Aware Operational Decision Support: Theoretical & Technological Foundations. Alexander V. Smirnov. St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia. Presentation at Art_1.2

7.- Lotka-Volterra system applied to the generation of technological innovation. Mayra Nuñez López, Mexico. IMP. Presentation at Lotka-Volterra system

8.- Emotional State Recognition Based on the Motion and Posture. Alla Zaboleeva-Zotova. Vladimir Rozaliev, Yulia Orlova and Artem Bobkov. Russia. Presentation at Art_5.2 .

9.- Solution to the radial model with polynomial decaying flux at the boundary. Yarith Del Angel, Mayra Nunez-Lopez, IMP. Mexico. Presentation at Solution to the radial model

10.- On axiomatic definition of the time series shape association measures. Ildar Batyrshin. Mexico. Presentation at Art_4.1 .

11.- Group SortIng and Ordering Multi-attribute Objects. Alexei Petrosky. Russia. Presentation at Art_5.3  .

12.- Cost Efficiency and Sustainability in Transport Operations Applying Fleet. Management Systems. Joachim R. Daduma. Germany. Presentation at Art_6.1 .

13.- Optimization of Well Opening Schedule by Computational Intelligence. Eugenio Silva. Brasil. Presentation at Art_6.2 .

14.- Outlier detection and estimation for time series in oil production data. Victor Muñiz. Mexico. Presentation at Art_7.2 .

15.- A framework for oil well production data validation. Javier Herrera-Vega. Mexico. Presentation at Art_7.1 .

16.- Multiscale coherence in the analysis of gamma arrays in well characterization. Teresa Perez-Munoz. Mexico. Presentation at Art_3.2 .

17.- AI-Based Simulation, An Alternative to Numerical Simulation and Modeling. Shahab Mohaghegh. West Virginia Univ., USA. Presentation at Art_1.3 .

18.- Soft computing algorithms for nonlinear regression applied to decline curve analysis. Manuel Chi, Mexico. Presentation at Art_6.3 .

19.- Effect on treatment on Oil well production by ANN. Arturo Gonzalez. Mexico. Presentation at Art_4.2 .

20.-   Pressure-transient models for fractal reservoir. Mayra Núñez López. Mexico. Paper at  Art_7.3 . and the Presentation at the Workshop: fractal .

21.- Stochastic model for characterizing oil production data. Elizabeth Santiago. Mexico. Paper at Art_7.4. and the Presentation at the Workshop Operations Research And Data Mining_2012-Elizabeth.

22.- VMD-Petro. Visualization and Data Mining Tool for Oilfields. Ildar Batyrshin. Mexico. Presentation at Art_4.3 .



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