Alexander V. Smirnov

Prof. Alexander V. Smirnov is head of Computer Aided Integrated Systems Laboratory at St. Peterburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences – SPIIRAS (1994), Deputy-Director for Research (1996).

He received his Ph.D from St.Petersburg State University of Electrical Engineering (1984) and D.Sc. from SPIIRAS (1994), and became a Full Professor in 1998. Currently he is a part-time full professor of St.Petersburg State Electrical Engineering University, Department of Research Automation.

He has been involved in projects sponsored by Ford, Nokia, US DoD, European Research Programs (Information Society Technologies, Esprit, Eureka/Factory, INTAS, COPERNICUS), and Russian agencies in area of distributed intelligent systems, ontology management, intelligent decision support systems, etc.

He is a member of technical committee of IFAC TC 5.1 on Manufacturing Plant Control; IEEE SMC TC on Self-Organized Distributed and Pervasive Systems, IFIP TC WG5.1 on Global Product Development for the Whole Life-Cycle.

His current research is in the areas of ontology-driven information integration, context management, operational decision support, virtual organization management.

He published more than 250 research papers in reviewed journals and proceedings of international conferences, books, manuals.


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