The Organizing Committee wishes to thank to all the participants in the Workshop on


The Workshop was held from March 12 to the 14th, 2012 at Cancun, Mexico.

Hosted by the Cancun Center for Continuous Education of the National Politechnic Institute (IPN).

The workshop was an effective open room for discussion of ongoing high level research on theoretical and practical issues of:

  • Optimization,

  • Probability and Statistics,

  • Data Mining,

  • Partial Differential Equations,

  • Knowledge Modeling Support for Decision Making

  • Multi-criteria Decision Making and

  • Logistics.

In particular, papers concerning the interplay of model-driven and data-driven approaches to decision making under uncertainty.


Invited speakers:

Dr. Kurt Sandkuhl:
Organizational Knowledge Patterns – Foundation and Application Examples.

Alexander V. Smirnov:
Context-Aware Operational Decison Support: Theoretical & Technological Foundations

Shahab B. Mohaghegh:
AI-Based Simulation: An Alternative to Numerical Simulation and Modeling

updated to: March 19, 2012

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